Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today is Launch Day. This is how we are going to do book club.

2 Weeks Each Section

While reading make notes. If any quotes stand out to you then post them. Also list questions you have from the reading. People are free to respond. Put the question in a discussion form. Realize the purpose of the question is to create open and honest discussion. We are not so much trying to teach this book as we are trying to discuss the views it develops. Mere Christianity isn't a book you can master in one reading. You will come back to it to mine it's depths at other times in your Christian Life. Above all do not give up on it because you can't understand what he is saying. Lewis will go along for a while expressing views and then all of a sudden "pull a string" and make it all come together. Take time and don't become discouraged on a first reading.

Schedule of Reading - have reading of this section done by this date:

Book 1: April 14

Book 2: April: 28

Book 3a (chapters 1-7): May 12

Book 3b (chapters 8-12) May 26

Book 4a (Chapters 1-6) June 9

Book 4b (Chapters 7-11) June 27

See you on the blog, happy reading.

I will share videos from time to time. See below.

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  1. Thanks PB for pushing this along. Looking forward to it. Blessings to all